Decontamination Booths


- 85, 120, 150, and 215 square foot Booths are all prefabricated to be erected quickly. They are self contained and negatively pressured. They provide decontamination of the Corona Virus using UV-C light or UV-C light and Ozone, for hard and soft surfaces.

- Uses may include PPE, Masks, wheelchairs, mobility equipment, and anything that can be put into the booth.

- Our Booths can be incorporated in your reopening corporate safety programs. Such as hotels, food service, retail stores, airports, and etc.

Big Booth


- For clients who have space or cost considerations, our decontamination. Closets are the perfect fit.

- Closet can be moved freely and stored in various locations.

- Can be used for decontamination of masks, gloves, and smaller accessories.

- These Closets also provide negative pressure and can be utilized for the UV-C Light or UV-C Light and Ozone combinations.



- We have developed devices that are mobile and can be moved into different areas. Some are free-standing floor models, others are handheld.

- Floor models have both functions of just UV-C or UV-C + Ozone generation for hard surface and soft surface decontamination. These devices have automatic timers to turn on and off so that exposure to staff is eliminated.

-These can also be outfitted with Electrostatic Spray functions

- These devices can supplement your standard operating procedures as your company reemerges from the COVID crisis.