Quality execution from beginning to end

Loder Construction Inc. exemplifies professional service when it comes to the needs of our clients. Our unwavering commitment to quality construction is universal in all aspects of our procedure. It is this extra care that has led to our success as commercial general contractors in the Sacramento area and our overwhelming client satisfaction.


Client Selection

Our foundation is providing Excellence in Construction. Rarely a client will be out of our geographical region or outside our realm of experience, however in this infrequent event we will provide direction and consulting.


Before we go forth with the architectural plans we will get an overall conceptual design from our client. This in-house, turnkey process assists with all aspects of the process and allows our team to share our client’s visions and assist with the entire building process.

Preliminary Budget & Initiatory Schedule

With every project we draft a preliminary budget and initiatory schedule typically with just a conceptual outline. It requires decades of commercial building experience and professional expertise to pull together answers to our clients most pressing questions; how long before I can be open, how much will it cost, and what options do I have?

Permit Expediting

Navigating the city, county and state level permit process can be completely taken care of by our seasoned professionals. Having the foresight and experience of the permit process accelerates our schedule development and can be a key factor in bringing commercial building projects to timely completion.

Buildability & Alternate Resources Review

Particularly during the design phase, as well as along the building process, we take it upon ourselves to provide cost saving alternative resources and variable buildability equivalents to our clients. These recurrent reviews allow maximum value to our clients while maintaining thorough design details. This simple process allows flexibility that combines industry knowledge, material familiarity, building design, long-range and short-range expenses, and construction duration. In turn it allows our clients more ownership and control over their projects.

Subcontractor Selection

Loder Construction only uses preferred licensed, insured and bonded subcontractors and material suppliers on all of our projects. Our working relationship with all of our subcontractors has been maintained over the years. We pride ourselves on using qualified and experienced companies; by hand picking our subcontractors we are able to select the very best for our clients commercial building needs.

Pre-Job Conference

The purpose of this meeting is to review with the Project Superintendent the various details of the job and to discuss information that may be pertinent to the work or the client. There may be instances on negotiated work where cost-saving changes are submitted to the owner just prior to the start of the work, which may alter the scope of work. A clear understanding of specific details must be established.

A Living Schedule

Every project has a unique objective, appeal and goal and the schedule is the beating heart of our operation. We pride ourselves on keeping a living schedule that encompasses the entire project spectrum. The scope and depth of scheduling is determined by the size of the project and the complexity of the work. Not only just the physical building process, but planning, architectural design, permitting, inspections, quality assurance, on-site meetings and much more. We allow the entire process to be followed on comprehensive day-by-day calendar and track our efficiency to ensure that we are providing the most valuable construction service available.