Ensuring a superior finished project


Construction methodology continues to improve yearly: yet, the basic principles of good business stand the test of time. Employing quality staff, overseeing quality crews, using excellent materials, with added accountability for each, will lead to a superior finished project. This means nothing unless it is done in a professional manner and client satisfaction is ensured at the end of the project.

This is where Loder Construction excels. As primary commercial general contractors, we understand that dependability and a self-possessed attitude will promote better communication of information from all parties involved on the project. By maintaining a steady and easy outlook, Loder Construction has been able to foster long term relationships by providing excellent customer service and professionalism.

  • Our Staff

    Loder Construction Inc. is a team of high quality, extremely driven, extraordinary individuals that understand the significance of every project. Our creative team has the experience to take on even some of the most complicated build outs. We make it our personal goal for every project to not only succeed, but exceed expectations.

  • Our Subcontractors

    Commitment to “Excellence in Construction” is our motto . We are committed to having only subcontractors on our projects that have passed our comprehensive screening program.  Among those allowed to bid, we generally have an ongoing working relationship that spans years, and in some cases, generations.

  • Materials

    All material is checked prior to installation for its quality and specification. Loder Construction uses commercial grade hardware and materials for build-outs. If an inferior product has been specified we can make intelligent recommendations for alternates.

  • Quality Assurance

    Built into every project are stages to allow our clients to evaluate work prior to completion. These periodic Quality Assurance (QA) sessions are recommended by Loder Construction, and allow the clients to view the status of the project, and make any early changes if desired.

  • Client Satisfaction

    At the end of the day, it does not matter what the outcome is unless our client is completely satisfied throughout the duration of the project. Our commitment to “Excellence in Construction” is what drives our Client Satisfaction. Our testimonials speak for themselves.